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Michaelson Art Gallery

אישה על כיסא- אמנון מיכאלי


The Gallery‘s story

The story behind the gallery is a story of courage to pursue a dream. A path built with creativity to find the way to turn an idea into reality, and long days of incessant work and dedication to prepare the gallery for the visitors. After over twenty years in the public sector where he enjoyed a distinguished professional reputation and economic stability, while continuously creating art and enhancing his knowledge in the field throughout the years, Amnon Michaeli embarked on a new journey and opened a gallery for applied art. The idea for the gallery crystallized after a guided graffiti tour organized by the Tel Aviv Municipality in the Florentin neighborhood. The abundance of street art in the area, the restaurants, the lively bars, and the sense of freedom that characterize the neighborhood had a significant impact on his decision. Inspired by museums' shops around the world, Amnon decided to convert his paintings and illustrations into useful products. While the illustrations have a sense of humor, the paintings are very colorful and dramatic.

In the last two years, the gallery has specialized in Augmented Reality Art. We exhibit and design AR art for the private and public sectors.
We wish everyone a pleasant and enjoyable visit.


"Beauty is the gift of God"



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